Diar is a Syrian band, we play Syrian and Arabic traditional songs with flamenco touch to revive the heritage by using some easy rhythms so every one can understand and enjoy the music. "

In our music Diar " ( ارَدي ( ْrefers to the rich Arabic heritage that we aim to cultivate, and to our hope that this beautiful folk music can continue to thrive.

Diar " ( ارَدي : ( ْRefers to a Syrian-Damascene term for the open space of a courtyard, 'Ard Diar”

(ارَدي ْأرض (in Damascus' traditional houses . To us, Diar " ( ارَدي ( ْevokes our homeland in Syria, our memories of childhood, friends, family, and first love, memories of happiness, sadness, and our musical roots.

Diar " ( ارَدي ( ْin Canada will be the bridge between our memories in Syria and our new home in Canada. DIAR is a Syrian-Damask term meaning open space (courtyard ) in the old traditional Syrian house.