Zoom Cherry Rosé (7.3%)
Zoom Cherry Rosé (7.3%)
Zoom Cherry Rosé (7.3%)
Zoom Cherry Rosé (7.3%)
Zoom Cherry Rosé (7.3%)

Cherry Rosé (7.3%)

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Barrel-aged beer rested on sour cherries and blended with Gewurztraminer

What It Is

A beer-wine hybrid made from a combo of 1- and 2-year-old barrel aged beers that we rested on heaps of sour Montmorency cherries (Niagara grown) and blended with 20% Gewurztraminer at bottling. 

Tech Specs

- 7.3% abv
- Combination of 1- and 2-year-old barrel aged beers
- Rested on Niagara-grown Montmorency Sour Cherries
- Blended with 20% Gewurztraminer by volume
- Bottle conditioned for 9 months
- 750ml bottle

Tastes Like

Tart cherry pie, sour-cherry freezie, Sherley Temple-wine hybrid

Even More Info

Is Rosé a season or the feeling of cannonballing into a pool?

Introducing Cherry Rosé, an electric cherry beer-wine hybrid that’s an antidote to the omnipresent threat of winter slush. We all know that Rosé is both a season and lifestyle, but we like to think of it more as a feeling – specifically, the feeling of displacing large quantities of cool water with your body.

This cosmic-pink delight was born from a blend of six 1- and 2-year-old barrel-aged beers that we rested on hedonistic heaps of 100% real Niagara-grown sour Montmorency cherries for 6 long weeks then blended with 20% Gewurztraminer at bottling.

Cherry Rosé is bright, tart to tart+, and dry. Expect notes of extra-cherry cherry blaster, tart cherry pie, and high-end cherry slushy.

If you’re someone who likes splashing in pools on hot days (or meditating on the feeling), we made this rosé-beer for you.

On until it’s gone.

More beer for your buck!

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Cherry Rosé (7.3%)


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