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Friday July 5th @ 7pm


This show is the first as part of DIASPORA DREAMS, a summer concert series highlighting up-and-coming Filipinx-artists and musicians based in the GTA.

In the Philippines, people are one of the largest exports. The many, who have decided to settle in Canada, are part of one of the largest diaspora populations.

"Diaspora" refers to the dispersion or scattering of a people from their original homeland or ancestral roots to other parts of the world. This scattering can occur voluntarily, through migration or exile, or involuntarily, due to factors such as conflict, persecution, or economic necessity.

About the artists

an insatiable and undeniable force of bedroom pop, RURU, originally based in the Philippines is now (lucky for us) based in Toronto. Ruru is one face to the multifaceted polymath that is Denice Quimbo. Since the release of her debut project in 2016, she has played upon and refined her eclectic and colourful tastes in soothing synths and the occasional orchestral string(s). Her memorable and electric melodies light up a room and has captured listeners from across the globe.

a prolific Toronto-based singer, producer and curator of
immaculate energy.

Since the release of her debut project in 2018, Mileena’s music has consistently evolved, traversing a wide range of styles and sounds, from bedroom pop and lo-fi music, to neo-soul and R&B. On her most recent EP, “Time Spent Running,” Mileena’s vocals shimmer and glide over spacious production and trip-hop-inspired beats, resulting in a sound that is deceptively simple – like the gossamer surface of a gently flowing river, barely concealing the luminosity beneath.

Toronto based pilipina-native multidisciplinary artist Kikeyah is a force of nature, whose work is dedicated to the uplifting of marginalized peoples and a way of life that creates space for those whose stories are left untold or unseen. Kikeyah prints the mantra’s, “LAND BACK BITCH” and “WARRIOR SPIRIT” on upcycled/ vintage pieces on a made to order basis.

How to get here

We’re located on Bloor Street, just one block west of Dufferin Street. Please enter through our restaurant entrance on Bloor, where you will be greeted by our host and directed to the Music Hall.

Good to know

  • Tickets are non-refundable
  • Our space does not have wheelchair accessible washrooms

Diaspora Dreams


Burdock Music Hall

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