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Easy Drinking

Classic (5%)

Lagered ale brewed with Ontario corn and pilsner malt. Our classic take on a classic beer - chill, pale, easy-drinking, and squeaky clean.

24 x 355ml -> $55.68
30L Kegs -> $155

Deluxe (4.5%)

Fermented cool and carbonated in tank, this lager was hopped with Tettnanger and Hallertau. On the Burdock scale, this is one of the "maltier" beers we've brewed.

24 x 355ml -> $66.72
30L keg -> $165

Chateau (4.5%)

A go to classic Burdock Pilsner, it is light, dry and slightly floral. Apres never tasted so good.

24 x 355ml -> $69.12
30L keg -> $168

Bloor Lime (3.1%)

Our lime juiced-up lagered ale! 100% refreshing, 100% fun - it's Bloor Light with an added pop of citrus. Ahhhh yeaaaah.

24 x 355ml -> $69.12

Rice Lager (3.7%)

Rice Lager is Light Bodied, Light colour with a crisp finish and a subtle bitterness. Made with Extra Fancy Sushi Rice.

24x355ml -> $73.44
30L Keg -> $172

Hoppy & Juicy

Vermont Blond (4.5%)

Our most crushable and easy drinking ale. Subtle dry-hop with Citra and fermented with a yeast strain that produces some real lovely grapefruit rind esters.

24 x 355ml -> $66.72
30L keg -> $165

Ruddy APA (5%)

A really nice, pretty chill, not too hoppy (but still nicely hoppy) pale ale. Inspired by our 2nd favourite duck, the Ruddy duck.

24 x 355ml -> $73.44
30L keg -> $170

Ducks IPA (6.3%)

A double-dry-hopped classic Burdock IPA – pale, tropical/citrus juicy, dry, and highly aromatic. Dry-hopped with only our freshest and punchiest hops: El Dorado, Idaho 7, Citra.

24 x 355ml -> $75.84
30L keg -> $175

Ducks Royale (7%)

A juicy IPA brewed with a rotating selection of our very best New World hops. Similar to Duck's IPA, but a little more tropical.

24 x 355ml -> $88.64
30L keg -> $185

Fruity & Sour

Cherry B (5.2%)

Quick-sour beer, made with 100% extra real Montmorency sour cherries from Beamsville, ON. To us, it’s the perfect combination: sour beer and sour cherry

24x355ml -> $88.64
30L keg -> $185

Rasbu (5.2%)

A juicy fresh sour beer made with fresh Niagara raspberries from Beamsville, ON

24x355ml -> $88.64
30L keg -> $185

Sunny G (4.5%)

A dry-hopped sour beer with a subtlebite offresh Ontarioginger, dreamed up in collab with the talented folks at Sunnys Chinese

24x355ml -> $80.64
30L keg -> $175

Piquey Bons (3.0%)

Piquey Bons is our take on the classic thirst-quenching piquette. De-oxygenated Toronto tap water is rested on a blend of 60/40 Pinot/Gamay skins for 14 days. The result is nothing short of wine soda!

24 x 355ml $73.44

Mango Gose (4%)

This light sour beer was brewed with the freshest mango we could find and a pinch of good old kosher salt. Look no further! This beer delivers the most terrific tropical trifecta; each sip bursting with bright acidity, lush mango flavour and a sprinkle of salt.

30L keg -> $195

Lime Gose (4%)

At last the Key Lime Gosé makes it’s glorious return. Brewed with multiple sources of key lime, a heap of key lime zest, and freshly hand juiced key limes

24x355ml -> $75.84


Tolmiebingo IV (4.9%)

Tolmiebingo IV is an oak-aged mixed-fermentation saison that is light and bright. It’s slightly tart with a great pineapple nose and drinks like a very light sparkling white wine.

12x750ml -> $143.52

Docklife (5.1%)

Interprovincial mixed-fermentation saison collab with LowLife Barrel House in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We brewed near identical beers and fermented them with different yeasts. Burdock’s was aged in stainless steel, and LowLife’s was aged in an oak vessel. 

12 x 375ml -> $76.32

Sunkoop III (5.5%)

Our latest bière de coupage, meaning it's a blend of old (barrel aged) and young (stainless steel fresh) beers blended together and bottle conditioned.

12 x 375ml -> $76.32


Swishh (0.5%)

At a straight-shooting 0.5% abv, Swishh has the flavour, foam, and feel of a Burdock IPA without the buzz.

24 x 355ml -> $66.72



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