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Easy Drinking

Classic (5%)

Lagered ale brewed with Ontario corn and pilsner malt. Our classic take on a classic beer - chill, pale, easy-drinking, and squeaky clean.

24 x 355ml -> $55.68
30L Kegs -> $155

Deluxe (4.5%)

Fermented cool and carbonated in tank, this lager was hopped with Tettnanger and Hallertau. On the Burdock scale, this is one of the "maltier" beers we've brewed.

24 x 355ml -> $66.72
30L keg -> $165

Chateau (4.5%)

A go to classic Burdock Pilsner, it is light, dry and slightly floral. Apres never tasted so good.

24 x 355ml -> $69.12
30L keg -> $168

Rice Lager (3.7%)

Rice Lager is Light Bodied, Light colour with a crisp finish and a subtle bitterness. Made with Extra Fancy Sushi Rice.

24x355ml -> $73.44
30L Keg -> $172

Sauna (4.5%)

Introducing our freshest pilsner: Sauna Lager. This beer was designed in collaboration with our good friends at Mellön Brasserie to be the perfect steaming beer. Brewed with whole leaf hops, this German-style pils is herbaceous and crisp.

24 x 355ml -> $73.44

Super Gold (5%)

Super Gold is a can-conditioned brut lagered ale. Fermented cool with our house ale strain, lightly dry-hopped with Tettenanger, and can-conditioned for micro bubbles.

24 x 355ml -> $73.44

Todo (3.5%)

This Malt based Corn lager comes in 3.5%. Light bodied, smooth with a crisp hop forward finish. A Classic Mexican lager, all you'd expect it to be.

24 x 355ml $73.44

Tuesday (5.3%)

The cleanest Saison in the game. Dry-hopped lightly and can conditioned for shelf stability and higher carbonation.

24 x 355ml -> $73.44

Hoppy & Juicy

Vermont Blond (4.5%)

Our most crushable and easy drinking ale. Subtle dry-hop with Citra and fermented with a yeast strain that produces some real lovely grapefruit rind esters.

24 x 355ml -> $66.72
30L keg -> $165

Ducks IPA (6.3%)

A double-dry-hopped classic Burdock IPA – pale, tropical/citrus juicy, dry, and highly aromatic. Dry-hopped with only our freshest and punchiest hops: El Dorado, Idaho 7, Citra.

24 x 355ml -> $75.84
30L keg -> $175

Fruity & Sour

Lime Gose (4%)

At last the Key Lime Gosé makes it’s glorious return. Brewed with multiple sources of key lime, a heap of key lime zest, and freshly hand juiced key limes

24x355ml -> $75.84

Cherry B (5.2%)

Quick-sour beer, made with 100% extra real Montmorency sour cherries from Beamsville, ON. To us, it’s the perfect combination: sour beer and sour cherry

24x355ml -> $88.64
30L keg -> $185

Mango Gose (4%)

This light sour beer was brewed with the freshest mango we could find and a pinch of good old kosher salt. Look no further! This beer delivers the most terrific tropical trifecta; each sip bursting with bright acidity, lush mango flavour and a sprinkle of salt.

30L keg -> $195


Triple B (3.1%)

A light malty British-style beer with biscuit roasty flavour.

24 x 355ml -> $66.72

20L pin -> $125


Tolmiebingo IV (4.9%)

Tolmiebingo IV is an oak-aged mixed-fermentation saison that is light and bright. It’s slightly tart with a great pineapple nose and drinks like a very light sparkling white wine.

12x750ml -> $143.52

Sunkoop III (5.5%)

Our latest bière de coupage, meaning it's a blend of old (barrel aged) and young (stainless steel fresh) beers blended together and bottle conditioned.

12 x 375ml -> $76.32


Swishh (0.5%)

At a straight-shooting 0.5% abv, Swishh has the flavour, foam, and feel of a Burdock IPA without the buzz.

24 x 355ml -> $66.72

Key Lime Gose Non Alc (0.5%)

Our first non-alc sour beer. It's refreshing, it's lime, it's salt, its' baby marg. Think white gatorade!

24x355ml -> $75.84

Swoon (0.5%)

Swoon, our brand new non-alc stout. Made with oats and roasted barley, we're proud of this toasty contribution to the non-alc world. We hope you love it!

24x355ml -> $66.72



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